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Definition of usurp:

  1. To commit forcible seizure of place, power, functions, or the like, without right; to commit unjust encroachments; to be, or act as, a usurper.
  2. To seize, and hold in possession, by force, or without right; as, to usurp a throne; to usurp the prerogatives of the crown; to usurp power; to usurp the right of a patron is to oust or dispossess him.


postulate, preempt, simulate, replace, sequester, assign, get into, relieve, clutch, assume, succeed, attach, buy up, claim, appropriate, take up, change, don, put on, repeat, strike, conquer, buy out, lay hold of, give way, prehend, give, renew, swap, get hold of, absorb, bear, substitute, take on, arrogate, make way (for), supersede, pretend, capture, feign, borrow, adopt, presume, sham, take for granted, expropriate, wear, take over, affect, lay claim, seize, accept.

Usage examples: