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Definition of uttermost:

  1. Extreme; utmost; being; in the farthest, greatest, or highest degree; as, the uttermost extent or end.
  2. The utmost; the highest or greatest degree; the farthest extent.


furthermost, consummation, edge, finale, as far as possible, ne plus ultra, wide, to the max, achievement, result, outmost, boundary, period, effect, intense, goal, expiration, extent, finis, upper limit, design, maximum, last, outcome, top, simply, high, issue, completion, consequence, accomplishment, in full measure, cessation, end, extremity, utmost, better, limited, final, tip, conclusion, (up) to the hilt, to the fullest, intent, farthermost, maximal, outermost, fulfilment, topmost, transcendent, termination, outside, big, finish, close, supreme, extreme, level best, far, most, as soon/quickly/much etc. as possible, point, purpose, furthest, limit, terminus, bound, ultimate, unsurpassable, remotest, farthest.

Usage examples: