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Definition of van:

  1. A close railway car for baggage. See the Note under Car, 2.
  2. A fan or other contrivance, as a sieve, for winnowing grain.
  3. A large covered wagon for moving furniture, etc., also for conveying wild beasts, etc., for exhibition.
  4. A light wagon, either covered or open, used by tradesmen and others fore the transportation of goods.
  5. A shovel used in cleansing ore.
  6. A wing with which the air is beaten.
  7. The front of an army; the first line or leading column; also, the front line or foremost division of a fleet, either in sailing or in battle.
  8. To fan, or to cleanse by fanning; to winnow.
  9. To wash or cleanse, as a small portion of ore, on a shovel.


4WD, cutting edge, ATV, cable car, buffet, bogie, leading edge, berth, caboose, front line, forefront, all-terrain vehicle, avant-garde, 18-wheeler, caravan, camper van, carriage, vanguard, new wave, wagon train, breakdown truck, baggage car.

Usage examples: