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Definition of vanish:

  1. The brief terminal part of vowel or vocal element, differing more or less in quality from the main part; as, a as in ale ordinarily ends with a vanish of i as in ill, o as in old with a vanish of oo as in foot.
  2. To be annihilated or lost; to pass away.
  3. To pass from a visible to an invisible state; to go out of sight; to disappear; to fade; as, vapor vanishes from the sight by being dissipated; a ship vanishes from the sight of spectators on land.


leave, vaporize, zap, cut down, take flight, go away, show, drop, aviate, wing, fly, gasify, pilot, aerify, go forth, disappear, fade out, fell, vaporise, strike down.

Usage examples:

  • Well, well, if you must vanish to Elstan, do.

    - "Julian Home", Dean Frederic W. Farrar.
  • Does it vanish then?

    - "The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886", Ministry of Education.
  • Be pleased to vanish.

    - "The Progressionists, and Angela.", Conrad von Bolanden.