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Definition of vanquish:

  1. A disease in sheep, in which they pine away.
  2. Hence, to defeat in any contest; to get the better of; to put down; to refute.
  3. To conquer, overcome, or subdue in battle, as an enemy.


cudgel, flummox, tucker out, outwit, dumbfound, strap, baffle, suppress, squelch, call on the carpet, puzzle, lick, slash, amaze, lambaste, lash, overwhelm, prevail against, flap, strike, have words, bastinado, thump, cream, scourge, ticktock, jaw, massacre, pulsate, chide, rag, switch, squash, scramble, crush, gravel, lecture, husk, study at defeat, trounce, wallop, mystify, pommel, squeeze, work over, pound, remonstrate, outfox, perplex, dress down, castigate, exhaust, wash up, chew out, belabor, outsmart, shell, overreach, tick, reproof, bawl out, reprimand, stupefy, clobber, best, rebuke, jam, call down, spank, thrash, smash, tucker, bewilder, beat, beat out, annihilate, steamroller, circumvent, flog, vex, beat up, bunk, subjugate, get, blast, ticktack, tap out, trim, berate, break down, chew up, thump out, smite, surpass, pose, lambast, mash, drum, ace, worst, chastise, shellac, demolish, drub, smear, take to task, scold, batter, stick, bruise, welt, nonplus, quiver, lather, thrum.

Usage examples: