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Definition of variant:

  1. Changeable; changing; fickle.
  2. Something which differs in form from another thing, though really the same; as, a variant from a type in natural history; a variant of a story or a word.
  3. Varying in from, character, or the like; variable; different; diverse.


material body, cognate, figure, breed, confused, stochastic variable, pattern, nisus, miscellaneous, alterable, mixed, catchword, variable, change, physique, manakin, interpretation, kind, match, carbon copy, grade, dissimilar, soma, melodic line, tune, unstable, echo, mingled, class, stress, uncertain, contour, diverse, variate, variability, same, discrepancy, contraction, interlingual rendition, disparate, tenor, shape, disagreement, unsteady, edition, conglomerate, stock, anatomy, different, striving, var., song, divergence, version, melody, magnetic variation, signifier, line, unlike, translation, course, approximation, fluid, heterogeneous, buzzword, changeable, mirror image, inconstant, flesh, parallel, unhomogeneous, word form, physical body, human body, mannikin, back formation, straining, air, conformation, mutant, strain, bod, sport, chassis, random variable, variance, configuration, variation, reading, copy, pains, frame, manikin, form, various, mental strain, division, sort, mutation, variety, discordant, mannequin, variableness, var., rendering, chance variable, connective, derivation, divergent, descriptor, equivalent, pas seul, build, fluctuation, nervous strain, melodic phrase, non-homogeneous, collocate, phase, adaptation, clone, unsettled, argot, mutable, cast, magnetic declination, antonym, double.

Usage examples: