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Definition of vegetable:

  1. A plant used or cultivated for food for man or domestic animals, as the cabbage, turnip, potato, bean, dandelion, etc.; also, the edible part of such a plant, as prepared for market or the table.
  2. A plant. See Plant.
  3. Consisting of, or comprising, plants; as, the vegetable kingdom.
  4. Of or pertaining to plants; having the nature of, or produced by, plants; as, a vegetable nature; vegetable growths, juices, etc.
  5. Plants having distinct flowers and true seeds.
  6. Plants without true flowers, and reproduced by minute spores of various kinds, or by simple cell division.


floral, growing, unthinking, inactive, humble, lowly, blooming, monotonous, passive, stalklike, veggie, quiet, dull, seedlike, stagnant, inert, vegetational, comatose, stationary, rootlike, stemlike, vegetal, vegetative, stupid, veg, mild, blossoming.

Usage examples: