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Definition of vehemence:

  1. The quality pr state of being vehement; impetuous force; impetuosity; violence; fury; as, the vehemence.
  2. Violent ardor; great heat; animated fervor; as, the vehemence of love, anger, or other passions.


fervency, vehemency, intenseness, big, hysteria, ardor, extravagance, forcefulness, ecstasy, fierceness, ferociousness, assertiveness, eagerness, earnestness, emphasis, rapture, warmth, emotion, force, heat, madness, fury, devotion, vigorousness, white heat, fervidness, strong, impetuosity, severity, excitement, abandon, craze, depth, passionateness, ferocity, zeal, pitch, fire, furiousness, enthusiasm, delirium, aggressiveness, fervor, inspiration, passion, transport, stress, wildness, ardency, fanaticism, violence, accent.

Usage examples: