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Definition of venerable:

  1. Capable of being venerated; worthy of veneration or reverence; deserving of honor and respect; - generally implying an advanced age; as, a venerable magistrate; a venerable parent.
  2. Rendered sacred by religious or other associations; that should be regarded with awe and treated with reverence; as, the venerable walls of a temple or a church.


honored, grand, noble, senile, time-honored, august, new, serious, honorable, decrepit, revered, hoary, remote, timeworn, lordly, honourable, olden, philosophical, old as the hills, gray, raw, immemorial, age-old, time-worn, old, grave, imposing, callow, old-time, dignified, wise, patriarchal, respected, old as Methuselah, sage, inexperienced.

Usage examples: