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Definition of victimize:

  1. To make a victim of, esp. by deception; to dupe; to cheat.


pervert, malign, do, con, honest, immolate, defraud, victimise, damage, take, aggrieve, ill-use, cozen, upon, lift, kidnap, cabbage, rook, short, fiddle, pilfer, play, molest, learn, shirk, deceive, scam, gip, gyp, mulct, sting, wrong, purloin, rail at, impose on _or_ oppress, swipe, harm, violate, shrink from, ruin, defame, goldbrick, swindle, religion, ravish, hook, memorise, hornswoggle, nobble, stick, flimflam, trick, pinch, gull, diddle, chisel, injure, ill-treat, vilify, misemploy, fool, trim, cheat, abduct, sneak, prostitute, snatch, revile, dupe, persecute, vituperate, bilk, sacrifice, snarf, bunco, abstract, toy, misuse, slander, short-change, filch, give, memorize, maltreat, disparage, defile, abuse, reproach.

Usage examples: