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Definition of vigor:

  1. Active strength or force of body or mind; capacity for exertion, physically, intellectually, or morally; force; energy.
  2. Strength or force in animal or force in animal or vegetable nature or action; as, a plant grows with vigor.
  3. Strength; efficacy; potency.
  4. To invigorate.


sinew, pizzaz, brawniness, zilch, zip fastener, postal code, null, zippo, peppiness, weakness, slide fastener, zipper, get-up-and-go, cypher, punch, tired, vigorousness, oomph, impotence, action, postcode, brio, muscularity, life, intensity, vigour, push, esprit, nothing, nil, heartiness, ginger, virility, vim, dynamism, pertness, naught, free energy, cipher, dash, nada, LAN, energy, starch, wholeheartedness, zero, vivaciousness, nix, heftiness, goose egg, aught, urgency, manliness, pizzazz, sparkle, violence, bounce.

Usage examples: