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Definition of vine:

  1. Any woody climbing plant which bears grapes.
  2. Hence, a climbing or trailing plant; the long, slender stem of any plant that trails on the ground, or climbs by winding round a fixed object, or by seizing anything with its tendrils, or claspers; a creeper; as, the hop vine; the bean vine; the vines of melons, squashes, pumpkins, and other cucurbitaceous plants.


honeysuckle, pea vine, morning-glory, raspberry, English ivy, clematis, pumpkin, creeping plant, climbing plant, trumpet vine, hopvine, gourd, briar, runner vine, Virginia creeper, watermelon, jasmine, rambler, bittersweet, leaf climber, blackberry, stem climber, squash, teaberry, tendril climber, passion flower, trailing plant, cucumber, wisteria, wild cucumber, canteloupe, dewberry, poison ivy, woodbine, bougainvillea.

Usage examples: