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Definition of violate:

  1. To commit rape on; to ravish; to outrage.
  2. To disturb; to interrupt.
  3. To do violence to, as to anything that should be held sacred or respected; to profane; to desecrate; to break forcibly; to trench upon; to infringe.
  4. To treat in a violent manner; to abuse.


expose, vituperate, mollycoddle, break, enrapture, appal, outrage, pillage, despoil, bollix, conk out, lash out, cocker, kick downstairs, scandalise, flub, split up, muff, bollix up, demoralize, get out, go, break-dance, do, bump, spoil, flout, appall, itch, crack, fall apart, fracture, better, clean, smash, intermit, give away, go bad, demote, sin, foray, bust, ravish, damp, desecrate, wear, foil, weaken, bodge, set on, let on, unwrap, discover, foul up, founder, pervert, pause, vitiate, come apart, hurt, mishandle, collapse, spite, let out, botch up, revile, disrupt, erupt, botch, transport, louse up, develop, loot, dishonor, separate, break away, aggrieve, pamper, tamper with, get around, dampen, enchant, reave, break off, deconsecrate, victimize, cross, ruin, bungle, shame, disobey, wrong, buck, reproach, cave in, injure, subvert, indulge, overstep, break down, mar, give way, muck up, screw up, scandalize, thwart, rifle, offend, enthral, wound, baffle, fumble, baby, fluff, divulge, bobble, fail, harm, defy, featherbed, ball up, blow, bankrupt, disparage, check, gap, enthrall, sack, break up, infract, recrudesce, upon, vilify, rape, misdirect, profane, discontinue, malign, disgrace, split, unhallow, frustrate, coddle, give out, bollocks up, scotch, ransack, bring out, reveal, dishonour, part, impose on _or_ oppress, pique, fall in, attaint, snipe, slander, bruise, wear out, break out, contravene, mess up, meddle, sacred, round, transgress, disclose, bilk, bollocks, misemploy, pollute, breach, damage, die, force, break in, strip, bumble, persecute, demoralise, corrupt, go against, soften, religion, relegate, deprave, resist, sex, prostitute, stop, plunder, lay waste, burst, snap off, shock, defame, interrupt, impair, cosset, rail at, give, delight.

Usage examples: