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Definition of violation:

  1. An act of irreverence or desecration; profanation or contemptuous treatment of sacred things; as, the violation of a church.
  2. Infringement; transgression; nonobservance; as, the violation of law or positive command, of covenants, promises, etc.
  3. Interruption, as of sleep or peace; disturbance.
  4. Ravishment; rape; outrage.
  5. The act of violating, treating with violence, or injuring; the state of being violated.


impingement, profanation, blasphemy, sin, invasion, entrancement, contravention, usurpation, assault, negligence, infraction, ravishment, right, misbehavior, rapine, sacred, misdemeanour, rupture, misdemeanor, contravention, intrusion, colza, encroachment, irreverence, offense, trespass, rape, impact, infringement, offence, sacrilege, breaking.

Usage examples: