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Definition of virtuoso:

  1. A performer on some instrument, as the violin or the piano, who excels in the technical part of his art; a brilliant concert player.
  2. One devoted to virtu; one skilled in the fine arts, in antiquities, and the like; a collector or ardent admirer of curiosities, etc.


one, principal, sense impression, angiotensin converting enzyme, sorcerer, flair, magician, masterly, sensory faculty, superstar, admirer, adept, whizz, genius, wiz, whiz, esthesis, maven, booster, fighter, brainiac, masterful, brilliance, hotshot, paladin, necromancer, friend, single, sense experience, dilettante, skilled, sentiency, headliner, title-holder, artiste, expert, aesthesis, lead, ace, consummate, wizardry, asterisk, sense, sentience, mavin, wizard, unity, supporter, star, sensation, mastermind, hero, star topology, sense datum, thaumaturge, brain, protagonist, thaumaturgist.

Usage examples: