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Definition of visor:

  1. A mask used to disfigure or disguise.
  2. A part of a helmet, arranged so as to lift or open, and so show the face. The openings for seeing and breathing are generally in it.
  3. The fore piece of a cap, projecting over, and protecting the eyes.


dashboard, beret, beanie, beak, bearskin, superlative, back seat, apex, flower, circular, note, prime, bucket seat, flyer, bank note, handbill, posting, elevation, baseball cap, tiptop, government note, extremum, point, flier, air bag, booster seat, bonnet, accelerator, dash, demister, plume, defogger, banknote, cockade, bloom, bill, pecker, acme, peak, pinnacle, broadsheet, throwaway, notice, bandanna, balaclava, hatpin, invoice, boater, crest, billhook, blossom, biretta, nib, crown, neb, top, placard, chinstrap, height, bank bill, efflorescence, broadside, eyeshade, meridian, bathing cap, measure, vizor, flush, vertex, poster, greenback, card, convex, brim, heyday, account, dimmer, summit, banker's bill, tip, protection.

Usage examples: