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Definition of visualize:

  1. To form a mental image of something not present before the eye at the time.
  2. To make visual, or visible; to see in fancy.


throw, see, reckon, get word, feature, catch, calculate, externalise, realize, date, render, insure, imagine, project, attend, fancy, examine, envisage, estimate, understand, plan, consider, go out, jut out, design, learn, enter, run across, conjure up, escort, contrive, experience, compute, look, construe, picture mentally, run into, find out, figure, envision, visit, hear, depict, regard, find, get wind, determine, encounter, go steady, stick out, assure, get a line, pick up, protrude, see to it, fantasize, conceive, discover, show, go through, meet, realise, reflect, cipher, control, work out, take to, forecast, think, send off, cypher, take in, witness, interpret, watch, jut, call up, come across, count on, ensure, foresee, visualise, externalize, vision, check, take care, call to mind, cast, image, picture, ascertain, thoughts, view, propose, go for.

Usage examples: