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Definition of vital:

  1. A vital part; one of the vitals.
  2. Being the seat of life; being that on which life depends; mortal.
  3. Belonging or relating to life, either animal or vegetable; as, vital energies; vital functions; vital actions.
  4. Capable of living; in a state to live; viable.
  5. Containing life; living.
  6. Contributing to life; necessary to, or supporting, life; as, vital blood.
  7. Very necessary; highly important; essential.


requisite, racy, contribute, able-bodied, important, critical, mortal, merry, indispensable, animated, necessary, life-sustaining, essential, fatal, basic, rattling, integral, full of life, lively, bouncy, snappy, be, iron, deathly, surface, lusty, strapping, resilient, constitutive, springy, spanking, constitutional, alive, lethal, fundamental, decisive, red-blooded, deadly, zippy.

Usage examples: