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Definition of voluble:

  1. Changeable; unstable; fickle.
  2. Easily rolling or turning; easily set in motion; apt to roll; rotating; as, voluble particles of matter.
  3. Having the power or habit of turning or twining; as, the voluble stem of hop plants.
  4. Moving with ease and smoothness in uttering words; of rapid speech; nimble in speaking; glib; as, a flippant, voluble, tongue.


longwinded, colloquial, definite, bantering, flat, fluent, imperative, blithering, halting, conversational, blathering, words, babbling, glib, chatty, flatly, talkative, blathering, prattling, gabbling, yappy, loquacious, study at talkative, jabbering, gibbering, garrulous, mouthy, brokenly, talky, gabby.

Usage examples: