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Definition of volume:

  1. A roll; a scroll; a written document rolled up for keeping or for use, after the manner of the ancients.
  2. Amount, fullness, quantity, or caliber of voice or tone.
  3. Anything of a rounded or swelling form resembling a roll; a turn; a convolution; a coil.
  4. Dimensions; compass; space occupied, as measured by cubic units, that is, cubic inches, feet, yards, etc.; mass; bulk; as, the volume of an elephant's body; a volume of gas.
  5. Hence, a collection of printed sheets bound together, whether containing a single work, or a part of a work, or more than one work; a book; a tome; especially, that part of an extended work which is bound up together in one cover; as, a work in four volumes.


bunch, audio, passel, plentitude, allocation, scads, mint, heap, chroma, meretriciousness, glitz, boatload, mess, plateful, record book, muckle, infinity, clearance, quite a little, blook, majority, oodles, yard, bundle, footprint, real estate, above, tidy sum, carload, pack, loudness, arithmetic, flock, title, book, almanac, abundance, strength, people, bucket, spate, much, reams, slew, truckload, headroom, decibel, al-Qur'an, profusion, the great unwashed, vividness, authority, bulk, tawdriness, allowance, air pocket, intensity level, myriad, hoi polloi, stack, store, quantity, quantum, good deal, dB, rule book, block, flashiness, saturation, sheaf, break up, break, sight, acoustics, multiplicity, intensiveness, chunk, garishness, amplification, sound, distance, ton, wad, amount, plenty, bestseller, raft, bible, masses, mountain, lashings, lot, potful, fistful, opus, plenitude, deal, gobs, autobiography, multitude, loads, biography, atlas, gaudiness, audible, brashness, mickle, pile, book of account, hundred, hatful, audio-, basketful, big, acoustic, account book, annual, complement, ledger, great deal, balance, pot, anthology, intensity, mass, shipload, leger, dozen, accumulation, wealth, words, playscript, backlog, gap, batch, cubage, elbow room.

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