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Definition of vomit up:

Synonyms for vomit up:

ptyalize, spill, scour, range, redact, spue, be sick, roll, frame, cat, throw away, sanctify, rove, drift, mould, vomit, contrive, ptyalise, couch, ramble, shake off, spew out, honk, sick, flush, purge, put, upchuck, mold, cast off, toss, vagabond, tramp, swan, hurtle, disgorge, gag, cast, toot, barf, spit, wander, blare, puke, retch, project, shed, spew, purify, throw, roam, ditch, chuck, regurgitate, stray, eruct, beep, draw, reproduce, throw off, cronk, throw up, drop, hurl, heave, claxon, regorge, pat.