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Definition of vulnerable:

  1. Capable of being wounded; susceptible of wounds or external injuries; as, a vulnerable body.
  2. Liable to injury; subject to be affected injuriously; assailable; as, a vulnerable reputation.


delicate, friable, enfeebled, unresistant, exposed, assailable, sensitive, delicately balanced, unsteady, helpless, under attack, compromising, under threat, crumbly, sickly, susceptible, immature, undefendable, fragile, under fire, undefended, threatened, subject, endangered, brittle, defenceless, insecure, pregnable, unsafe, strong, susceptive, at the mercy of, infirm, open, penetrable, young, tender, weak, feeble, in harm's way, malnourished, frail, at risk, unprotected, unguarded, vincible, flimsy, attackable, breakable, defenseless.

Usage examples: