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Definition of wag:

  1. A man full of sport and humor; a ludicrous fellow; a humorist; a wit; a joker.
  2. The act of wagging; a shake; as, a wag of the head.
  3. To be in action or motion; to move; to get along; to progress; to stir.
  4. To go; to depart; to pack oft.
  5. To move one way and the other with quick turns; to shake to and fro; to move vibratingly; to cause to vibrate, as a part of the body; as, to wag the head.
  6. To move one way and the other; to be shaken to and fro; to vibrate.


humor, carte, circuit card, circuit board, wittiness, notice, visiting card, carte du jour, lineup, humour, mental capacity, witticism, wit, repetition, shingle, handshake, menu, calling card, wave, posting, identity card, scorecard, board, shiver, milkshake, mentality, handclasp, bill, bill of fare, milk shake, brainpower, add-in, card, brain, shake, wamble, trill, poster, learning ability, plug-in, waggle, handshaking, switch, batting order, placard.

Usage examples: