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Definition of wagon:

  1. A chariot.
  2. A freight car on a railway.
  3. A wheeled carriage; a vehicle on four wheels, and usually drawn by horses; especially, one used for carrying freight or merchandise.
  4. The Dipper, or Charles's Wain.
  5. To transport in a wagon or wagons; as, goods are wagoned from city to city.
  6. To wagon goods as a business; as, the man wagons between Philadelphia and its suburbs.


beach wagon, patrol wagon, plow, Conestoga wagon, water ouzel, coaster wagon, butterball, police van, hearts, pushcart, bufflehead, Charles's Wain, chute-the-chute, estate car, covered wagon, waggon, big dipper, prairie schooner, paddy wagon, station waggon, Black Maria, station wagon, Dipper, butterball, Beach Waggon, roller coaster, Wain, caravan, police wagon, Plough, carriage.

Usage examples: