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Definition of wait on:

Synonyms for wait on:

go to, dish, sit on, accommodate, see, brown-bag, delay, roll out the red carpet for someone, overindulgence, take care, arise, assist, ensue, function, answer, dish up, hesitate, wait around, serve up, service, do well by someone, pay heed, swear out, suffice, happen, hold off, bus, play for time, cellar, pamper, BYO, dish out, attend to, cosset, spoil, procrastinate, serve well, put off, help, provide, look, indulge, bill, give ear, booth, check, advert, temporize, process, issue, all-you-can-eat, attend, take to heart, do, cherish, serve, bill of fare, wait, hang, wait on someone hand and foot, aid, fuss over.