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Definition of wakeful:

  1. Not sleeping; indisposed to sleep; watchful; vigilant.


lite, observant, sharp-eyed, weak, quick-sighted, cautious, lightheaded, on the lookout, idle, light, restless, circumspect, faint, hawk-eyed, alert, sluttish, unclouded, keen-sighted, on the alert, promiscuous, sharp-sighted, shallow, easy, unaccented, waking, loose, slumberless, wary, unsleeping, light-headed, abstemious, clean, wide-awake, sleepless, argus-eyed, wanton, awareness, lynx-eyed, open-eyed, light-colored, clear, calorie-free, low-cal, scant, short, tripping, swooning, watchful, careful, lightsome, vigilant, awake.

Usage examples: