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Definition of warmheartedness:

Synonyms for warmheartedness:

humaneness, affectionateness, heart, centre, inwardness, pith, center, charity, warmness, softheartedness, tenderness, middle, eye, spirit, nerve, heat, philia, tenderheartedness, kindness, bigheartedness, sum, meat, kindheartedness, fondness, affection, beneficence, core, largeheartedness, pump, rawness, mercy, essence, pity, humanity, bosom, marrow, compassionateness, soreness, benignity, substance, benevolence, nitty-gritty, ticker, passion, mettle, feeling, good-heartedness, compassion, warmth, nub, sympathy, spunk, heart and soul, fancy, kindliness, kernel, commiseration, ruth, partiality, lovingness, gist.

Usage examples: