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Definition of washed-out:

Synonyms for washed-out:

tapped out, broken, dyed, beat, green, flawed, bold, pale, jaded, bleached, wrecked, done in, ablaze, drawn, battered, cadaverous, played out, drained, chintzy, exhausted, aweary, wearied, attenuate, bright, dulled, fatigued, logy, weak, weakened, brash, apart, wiped out, kaput, bleary, worn, beaten, fagged, dog-tired, light, shot, washy, worn-out, colourless, ashen, trashed, faded, pastel, colored, prostrate, knackered, faulty, coloured, dead, colorless, wan, limp, haggard, spent, attenuated, tired, color-coded, pooped, down, all in, burned-out, tuckered, clean, cold, watery, dull, (as) white as a sheet, pinched, bushed, done.

  • dismissed (part of speech: verb)