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Definition of waspish:

  1. Quick to resent a trifling affront; characterized by snappishness; irritable; irascible; petulant; snappish.
  2. Resembling a wasp in form; having a slender waist, like a wasp.


snappish, setaceous, splenic, spiny, snappy, grouchy, petulant, setose, crabbed, attitude, crabby, snappish, splenetic, surly, nasty, crabby, cross, lienal, ugly, irritable, bad-tempered, mean, bristled, out of sorts, fretful, cranky, thorny, briary, briery, disagreeable, burry, barbed, bristly, burred, ill-natured, querulous, peevish, irascible, cantankerous, ill-tempered, prickly, irritable, testy, barbellate, grumpy.

Usage examples: