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Definition of wasted:

  1. of Waste


slothful, haggard, purposeless, mindless, worn, drained, to no avail, excess, penniless, desolate, thin, better, careworn, emaciated, pointless, misapplied, osseous, of no use, worthless, skin and bones, raddled, boney, consumed, indolent, insensible, nitwitted, faineant, bony, penurious, nasal, otiose, squandered, vitiated, skeletal, eaten up, supererogatory, ruined, depleted, lessened, shrunken, atrophied, reasonless, devastated, pinched, impecunious, cadaverous, ravaged, surplus, gone for nothing, thrown away, shriveled, senseless, down the drain, scattered, lost, hard up, destroyed, spare, unavailing, futile, osteal, blasted, supernumerary, small, spent, unappreciated, belittled, adenoidal, extra, gaunt, redundant, weakened, lean, soft-witted, ineffectual, diminished, cadaveric, useless, drawn, work-shy, desolated, unpointed, witless, lazy, superfluous.

Usage examples: