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Definition of waver:

  1. A sapling left standing in a fallen wood.
  2. To be unsettled in opinion; to vacillate; to be undetermined; to fluctuate; as, to water in judgment.
  3. To play or move to and fro; to move one way and the other; hence, to totter; to reel; to swing; to flutter.


flicker, dart, wander, disruption, teeter, oscillate, play, stammer, rock, veer, fleet, balance, pause, swing, bathe, disinclination, faltering, hesitate, see which way the wind blows/is blowing, trill, hesitation, focus, weave, wobble, warble, hang back, tissue, flutter, halt, reluctance, sway, um and ah, beat, saw, scruple, hem and haw, flood, reel, vacillate, quiver, fade, bumble, hesitancy, waffle, fluctuate, dillydally, commotion, interweave, stagger, flick, hurly burly, stall, flapping, flit, indisposition, vacillation, filter, fluttering, deliberate, flap, flitter, undulate, dither, quake, totter, vary, wavering, keep/leave your options open, vibrate, stutter, hoo-ha, hoo-hah, quaver, decide, to-do, stumble, spark, wind, repetition, change, falter, reflect, catch, bat, kerfuffle, meander, palpitate, wait and see, shilly-shally, hover, teeter, thread, bend, stagger, totter, pulsate, disturbance, swerve.

Usage examples: