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Definition of wayward:

  1. Taking one's own way; disobedient; froward; perverse; willful.


unrepentant, perverted, impossible, obstreperous, hit-and-miss, uncoordinated, petulant, wilful, restive, willful, constitutionally, headstrong, addictive, badass, contrary, unplanned, attitude, hasty, adaptive, froward, ornery, disorganized, cussed, stubborn, reprobate, chaotic, flawed, incontrollable, support, obdurate, difficult, unstructured, adverse, contrarious, self-indulgent, flexible, babyish, incorrigible refractory, born, perverse, classy, clingy, balky, contumacious, unregenerate, recusant, rebel, disobedient, refractory, obstinate, incompliant, fractious, untoward, delinquent, depraved, all over the place.

Usage examples: