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Definition of weaken:

  1. To become weak or weaker; to lose strength, spirit, or determination; to become less positive or resolute; as, the patient weakened; the witness weakened on cross- examination.
  2. To make weak; to lessen the strength of; to deprive of strength; to debilitate; to enfeeble; to enervate; as, to weaken the body or the mind; to weaken the hands of a magistrate; to weaken the force of an objection or an argument.
  3. To reduce in quality, strength, or spirit; as, to weaken tea; to weaken any solution or decoction.


discover, break-dance, split, break, check, break down, relegate, quicken, de-escalate, infract, erupt, decline, better, develop, enervate, dampen, fracture, countermine, debase, disclose, fall apart, ruin, lessen, conk out, cut, bring out, bust, mince, totter, strong, undo, wane, fail, demoralize, deprave, get around, thin, droop, relent, separate, strengthen, slacken, crack, subvert, expose, flag, profane, break away, crumble, pause, bump, part, minimize, countercheck, breach, moisten, demote, let out, moderate, give way, yield, pervert, counteract, split up, tone down, debauch, demoralise, snap off, bankrupt, violate, intermit, water, give, sabotage, fizzle, interrupt, stifle, wilt, waste, leave office, languish, wear out, step-down, increase, break off, break up, degenerate, stop, counterbalance, relax, overturn, buffer, limp, antagonize, go against, castrate, discontinue, smash, let on, break in, recrudesce, animate, halt, cave in, founder, give out, countervail, wear, cushion, break out, fade, corrupt, deteriorate, dilute, impoverish, reduce, divulge, undermine, give away, damp, transgress, overthrow, unnerve, offend, decrease, exhaust, sink, come apart, ease off, collapse, wash up, resign, relapse, bring down, get out, reveal, attenuate, cave, wash, kick downstairs, die, abate, fall in, revive, antagonise, emasculate, unwrap, burst, faint, go bad, go, muffle, devitalize, mute, tremble, lose, crack up, misdirect, quit, soften.

Usage examples: