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Definition of wee:

  1. A little; a bit, as of space, time, or distance.
  2. Very small; little.


name, bittie, make, gain, piddle, big, weeny, cross, ca-ca, form, atomic, earn, teensy-weensy, shit, itsy-bitsy, bring in, choo-choo, lay down, piss, get, realise, hold, attain, take a shit, pull in, wanton away, spend a penny, bow-wow, prepare, relieve oneself, bitty, boo-boo, teeny, stimulate, ready, bunny, weensy, take a leak, bitsy, discreet, throw, produce, hit, reach, seduce, crap, itty-bitty, wee-wee, pretend, cold, take in, bang, teensy, fix, induce, get to, urinate, birdie, piddle away, draw, realize, create, have, do, muddle, little, work, Lilliputian, establish, small, peewee, make believe, progress to, nominate, wanton, pintsized, clear, teeny-weeny, pee, early, cook, build, trifle, pee-pee, cause, Pygmy, stool, puddle, midget, give, arrive at, take, little bitty, defecate, minuscule, teentsy, microminiature, take a crap, dwarf, micturate, make up, score, construct, constitute, pass water, make water, addle, pintsize.

Usage examples: