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Definition of weed:

  1. A garment; clothing; especially, an upper or outer garment.
  2. A sudden illness or relapse, often attended with fever, which attacks women in childbed.
  3. An animal unfit to breed from.
  4. An article of dress worn in token of grief; a mourning garment or badge; as, he wore a weed on his hat; especially, in the plural, mourning garb, as of a woman; as, a widow's weeds.
  5. Any plant growing in cultivated ground to the injury of the crop or desired vegetation, or to the disfigurement of the place; an unsightly, useless, or injurious plant.
  6. Fig.: Something unprofitable or troublesome; anything useless.
  7. To free from noxious plants; to clear of weeds; as, to weed corn or onions; to weed a garden.
  8. To reject as unfit for breeding purposes.
  9. To take away, as noxious plants; to remove, as something hurtful; to extirpate.
  10. Tobacco, or a cigar.
  11. Underbrush; low shrubs.


pile, shutout, bush, poop, lackey, slew, butt, sight, pot, cigar, climber, fastball, rotter, cola, lot, toilet, wood pussy, stinkpot, rat, deadhead, Class A drug, worm, crazy weed, muckle, heap, boob, forage, peck, lowlife, the skinny, crack, dummy, stool, cross-pollinate, pasturage, smoking, dirty dog, clone, flowerpot, git, cannabis, acid, good deal, charlie, boo, green goddess, bedding plant, grass, crapper, smoke, chameleon, mint, mountain, jackpot, potentiometer, pinhead, locoweed, cheroot, Mary Jane, aerate, angel dust, batch, deal, tummy, cross-fertilize, pygmy, spate, joint, potty, throne, stinker, dope, annual, bullet, fume, sess, cereal, feed, cannabis sativa, supergrass, low-down, marijuana, gauge, quite a little, potful, cocaine, compost, doormat, great deal, heater, briar, hummer, hatful, brassica, anabolic steroid, flock, roll of tobacco, drill, stack, fag, controlled substance, paper tiger, bum, mass, scum bag, cigarette, yes man, tidy sum, mickle, ciggy, puke, gage, corporation, sens, bed out, cigarette paper, bean, bonsai, so-and-so, plenty, softie, kitty, booby, passel, crazyweed, mourning band, wad, alpine, bong, cactus, zero, potbelly, ganja, crumb, polecat, skunk, commode, coke, dumbbell, mess, bay window, marihuana, can, tobacco, chew, raft, eatage, pasture.

Usage examples: