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Definition of weight:

  1. A definite mass of iron, lead, brass, or other metal, to be used for ascertaining the weight of other bodies; as, an ounce weight.
  2. A ponderous mass; something heavy; as, a clock weight; a paper weight.
  3. A scale, or graduated standard, of heaviness; a mode of estimating weight; as, avoirdupois weight; troy weight; apothecaries' weight.
  4. Hence, pressure; burden; as, the weight of care or business.
  5. Importance; power; influence; efficacy; consequence; moment; impressiveness; as, a consideration of vast weight.
  6. The quality of being heavy; that property of bodies by which they tend toward the center of the earth; the effect of gravitative force, especially when expressed in certain units or standards, as pounds, grams, etc.
  7. The quantity of heaviness; comparative tendency to the center of the earth; the quantity of matter as estimated by the balance, or expressed numerically with reference to some standard unit; as, a mass of stone having the weight of five hundred pounds.
  8. The resistance against which a machine acts, as opposed to the power which moves it.
  9. To assign a weight to; to express by a number the probable accuracy of, as an observation. See of observations, under Weight.
  10. To load ( fabrics) as with barite, to increase the weight, etc.
  11. To load with a weight or weights; to load down; to make heavy; to attach weights to; as, to weight a horse or a jockey at a race; to weight a whip handle.


payload, anchor, system of weights, obesity, weight down, obstruct, exercise bike, signify, blowtorch, barbell, figure, load, counterbalance, lean, clog, pitch, Allen wrench, bit, bogey, moment, heftiness, consequence, emphasize, hold, burden, pin, burthen, strong, power, nett, fish, rock, beam, exercising weight, millstone, onus, lie at the heart of something, light, concernment, big, affect, plumb, headache, predominate, dense, rotundity, clout, momentousness, bugbear, underscoring, balance beam, canker, juice, corpulency, lade, force, over, multigym, blowlamp, bradawl, credit, sway, import, ballast, net, grossness, lading, encumbrance, concern, incubus, portliness, stress, avoirdupois, counterweight, accent, plumpness, cumber, significancy, generality, demons, account, pursiness, dominate, anxiety, loading, significance, saddle, trap, free weight, fatness, fleshiness, fat, bogie, slant, tax, immobilize, metric weight unit, muscle, bellows, chubbiness, cancer, pin down, sinker, cant, accentuation, pudginess, box end wrench, influence, tilt, brunt, chief, bulk, main, draft, preponderance, heavy, charge, pull, count, weighting, blanket, obstacle course, in, magnitude, come before, core, hold back, heft, pack, matter, freight, stone, loom large, cargo, cross-trainer, mat, staple, preponderancy, weightiness, awl, adiposity, importance, encumber, dumbbell, leverage, counterpoise, cant over, tip, angle, adjustable wrench, intercept, dead weight, bugaboo, massiveness, important, haul, embonpoint, bench, block, lightweight, applicator, impedimenta, ponderosity, weight unit, fattiness.

Usage examples: