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Definition of weighty:

  1. Adapted to turn the balance in the mind, or to convince; important; forcible; serious; momentous.
  2. Having weight; heavy; ponderous; as, a weighty body.
  3. Rigorous; severe; afflictive.


no-nonsense, sullen, punishing, staid, serious, earnest, of import, uncomic, heartbreaking, dangerous, great, tectonic, meaningful, earth-shattering, enceinte, solemn, load, much, dead weight, sonorous, flagitious, sound, corpulent, cogent, operose, orotund, fatty, material, profound, major, exigent, lowering, with child, threatening, laboured, sobersided, gravid, arduous, formidable, gross, po-faced, difficult, hard, counterweight, severe, consequential, effortful, eventful, overblown, sedate, expectant, demanding, fleshy, authoritative, tough, unsmiling, gruelling, rough, heartrending, momentous, portly, affect, weighed down, heavy, intemperate, grievous, stout, substantial, forceful, clayey, life-threatening, sober, lightweight, porcine, pear-shaped, grave, trying, revealing, nett, powerful, wakeless, rigorous, earthshaking, exacting, toilsome, labored, historic, hefty, grueling, burdensome, large, overweight, influential, onerous, important, taxing, telling, backbreaking, light, laborious, monstrous, lumbering, round, rotund, cloggy, net, impressive, big, obese, significant, monumental, humorless, fat, impenetrable, density, telltale, heavyweight, atrocious, strong.

Usage examples: