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Definition of welter:

  1. A rising or falling, as of waves; as, the welter of the billows; the welter of a tempest.
  2. Of, pertaining to, or designating, the most heavily weighted race in a meeting; as, a welter race; the welter stakes.
  3. That in which any person or thing welters, or wallows; filth; mire; slough.
  4. To rise and fall, as waves; to tumble over, as billows.
  5. To roll, as the body of an animal; to tumble about, especially in anything foul or defiling; to wallow.
  6. To wither; to wilt.


hullabaloo, olla podrida, pandemonium, hell, battery, disorder, messiness, hurry, blather, alarums and excursions, boxer, clutter, hubbub, ruckus, macédoine, hurry-scurry, ragout, deluge, mixed bag, do, omnium-gatherum, mélange, jumbal, stir, wallow, to-do, concentration, corner, bonanza, bout, clatter, fix, disarrangement, count out, bare-knuckle, foofaraw, chance-medley, agglomeration, rummage, disorganization, botch, agglomerate, bantamweight, pother, arm-wrestling, hole, rumpus, alphabet soup, hurly-burly, cross, havoc, assemblage, free-for-all, corroboree, olio, box, kettle of fish, dishevelment, turmoil, boxing, farrago, move, triumph, montage, shindy, coil, mishmash, arsenal, jam, ballyhoo, batch, disarray, miscellanea, bluster, cascade, smorgasbord, storm, crazy quilt, salmagundi, collage, whirl, variety, patchwork quilt, snake pit, bustle, ruction, tumble, gallimaufry, scramble, misorder, row, fuss, blizzard, rejoice, fun, smother, patchwork, mare's nest, disturbance, williwaw, salad, shuffle, jambalaya, shambles, confusion, gumbo, pastiche, flounder, assembly, stew, pickle, feast, bother, furor, menagerie, litter, bobbery, avalanche, jungle, hotchpotch, bale, potpourri, disorderedness, hurly, uproar, assortment, billow, furore, moil, hubble-bubble, muddle, tumult, hurricane, mess, hodgepodge, medley, hash, complex, jumble, cornucopia, motley, bombardment, bevy, muss, hoo-ha, ado, fuddle, heck, grab bag, disorderliness, squall, bank, hoopla, zoo, kerfuffle, ragbag, splore, helter-skelter.

Usage examples: