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Definition of wham:

  1. To strike; to beat; to give a heavy or resounding blow to; to thrash; to make with whacks.


stripe, douse, smack, whap, plump, hack, well, say, lash, rap, clout, bonk, biff, welt, switch, beat, cuff, ho ho, wow, knock, stinger, punch, bat, attack, poke, O, knock, slam, hm, crash, blow, fillip, pelt, bash, bang, strike, spank, blow, swipe, paste, batter, clap, chop, aah, thump, bop, clip, whop, dab, whack, bust, thud, mm, slog, wallop, let someone have it, slug, oh, smite, sock, slap, ahem, thwack, hit, sock it to someone, good/oh Lord, lick, buffet, crack, hey, belt, larrup, conk, ha ha, haymaker, swat, pop, pick, catch, stroke, smash, ooh, hook, o', boo-hoo, achoo, pound, box, hmm.

Usage examples: