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Definition of wharf:

  1. A structure or platform of timber, masonry, iron, earth, or other material, built on the shore of a harbor, river, canal, or the like, and usually extending from the shore to deep water, so that vessels may lie close alongside to receive and discharge cargo, passengers, etc.; a quay; a pier.
  2. The bank of a river, or the shore of the sea.
  3. To guard or secure by a firm wall of timber or stone constructed like a wharf; to furnish with a wharf or wharfs.
  4. To place upon a wharf; to bring to a wharf.


float, wharfage, berth, dockage, quay, quai, sour grass, landing, dry dock, loading dock, harbor, docking facility, quayage, jetty, bob, tie up, sorrel, basin, dockyard, harbour, anchorage, levee, dock, bobtail, moor, pier.

Usage examples: