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Definition of whipping:

  1. a & n. from Whip, v.
  2. of Whip


rakish, spanking, flagellation, win, spirited, attack, lump, cane, frosty, chastise, alert, hiding, massacre, rattling, fiasco, whipstitching, drubbing, lacing, jaunty, fall, walloping, whipstitch, hammering, overthrow, snappy, zippy, mass murder, rout, reward, shellacking, whacking, corporal punishment, flog, tanning, punishment, debacle, revenge, spruce, lashing, butchery, trimming, spiffy, dusting, loss, slaughter, plastering, carnage, nipping, nippy, strapping, crisp, the birch, dapper, lash, brisk, flogging, demolition, defeat, merry, dashing, snappish, raffish, licking, natty, vanquishment, elimination, thrashing, trouncing, lively, mauling.

Usage examples: