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Definition of whizz:

  1. A hissing sound.
  2. To make a sharp hissing or humming sound, as an arrow or ball during flight, or as compressed air escaping; to fizz.


necromancer, birr, brainiac, sense experience, sensory faculty, genius, fighter, protagonist, zoom along, title-holder, mastermind, thaumaturgist, lead, esthesis, headliner, surge, single, whirr, champion, supporter, one, mavin, sensation, wiz, sentiency, churr, flair, friend, star topology, hero, wizard, sense, champ, asterisk, maven, booster, aesthesis, soar, ace, brain, unity, superstar, hotshot, sense datum, star, principal, sentience, angiotensin converting enzyme, zoom, soar upwards, wizardry, thaumaturge, sorcerer, make vibrant sounds, brilliance, purr, admirer, whizz along, whir, adept, virtuoso, soar up, magician, sense impression, whiz, paladin.

Usage examples: