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Definition of wildness:

  1. The quality or state of being wild; an uncultivated or untamed state; disposition to rove or go unrestrained; rudeness; savageness; irregularity; distraction.


obstreperousness, resist, emphasis, unrestraint, fierceness, abandon, bush, fury, fractiousness, ferocity, indocility, peace, craze, unmanageability, unconstraint, obstinacy, obstinateness, wild, uncontrollability, madness, recalcitrancy, force, wantonness, delirium, disorderliness, order, hysteria, ungovernableness, unruliness, vehemence, refractoriness, restraint, intractableness, control, untowardness, recalcitrance, wilderness, incontinence, furiousness, uncontrollableness, abandonment, violence, intractability.

Usage examples: