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Definition of willing:

  1. Free to do or to grant; having the mind inclined; not opposed in mind; not choosing to refuse; disposed; not averse; desirous; consenting; complying; ready.
  2. of Will
  3. Received of choice, or without reluctance; submitted to voluntarily; chosen; desired.
  4. Spontaneous; self- moved.


unwilling, averse, unbidden, volitional, will, compliant, involuntary, amenable, lief, ready, inclined, voluntary, game, reluctant, minded, consenting, instinctive, impulsive, feeling, unforced, volition, like, prepared, prompt, disposed, responsible, willing and able, active, energetic, unstrained, fain, enthusiastic, uncoerced, glad, free, spontaneous, opposed, automatic.

Usage examples: