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Definition of win:

  1. To allure to kindness; to bring to compliance; to gain or obtain, as by solicitation or courtship.
  2. To come to by toil or effort; to reach; to overtake.
  3. To extract, as ore or coal.
  4. To gain by superiority in competition or contest; to obtain by victory over competitors or rivals; as, to win the prize in a gate; to win money; to win a battle, or to win a country.
  5. To gain over to one's side or party; to obtain the favor, friendship, or support of; to render friendly or approving; as, to win an enemy; to win a jury.
  6. To gain the victory; to be successful; to triumph; to prevail.


make it, gain, clear, net income, draw, march on, provide, come together, notch up, take in, larn, allure, benefit, entice, make a difference, further, winning streak, develop, pull through, romp ahead, profit, smash, lucre, come by, break through, walkover, attract, double, put on, profits, come on, pull round, impact, kick upstairs, take effect, money, realise, supercharge, be placed first/second etc., evolve, come along, get through, deserve, shape up, go on, decoy, follow, come after, upgrade, boost, cop, pull in, thrashing, coax, pick up, pull down, survive, derive, learn, tempt, arrive at, romp, seduce, clinch, bring forward, make, encourage, winnings, bring out, pass on, take on, throw out, sweep, raise, assure, be able to do something, pull off, interact, gain ground, set ahead, get ahead, elevate, make headway, pull ahead, captivate, wrap up, bring home the bacon, get on, hit, give, adopt, move on, put, get along, succeed, bring in, affect, merit, rate, satisfy, mop up, deliver the goods, persuasion, reach, advance, gather, realize, earnings, thrash, manage, grow, knock out, inveigle, come into play, upset, bring off, net profit, come through, produce, progress, promote, cajole, record, convince, shape, persuade.

Usage examples: