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Definition of wind up:

  1. Act of winding up, or closing; a concluding act or part; the end.


get through, conclude, excite, agitate, cease, enkindle, stir, stopping point, conclusion, weave, mop up, perk up, desist, period, expire, commove, wander, call down, depend upon, curve, finish off, last, wind, hoist, ending, fire, polish off, land up, depend on, roll, end, charge up, get off, closing, thread, wrap up, eat up, closure, complete, elicit, energise, end of the line, shake, switch on, finish up, wrap, awake, devolve on, wake, trip out, terminus, arouse, sex, earth up, land up, provoke, bring up, put forward, finish, conjure up, charge, excite, termination, wreathe, end up, brace, shake up, evoke, scent, stop, stimulate, waken, come alive, start, clear up, invoke, ride, finish up, rouse, nose, fetch up, kindle, continue, completion, meander, wake up, twist, call forth, wind, terminate, conjure, hinge on, awaken, cessation, fetch up, raise, energize, turn-on, close, twine, sex, consummation, finale, lift, arouse, end up, break off, quit, trip, hinge upon.