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Definition of winged:

  1. Fanned with wings; swarming with birds.
  2. Furnished with a leaflike appendage, as the fruit of the elm and the ash, or the stem in certain plants; alate.
  3. Furnished with wings; transported by flying; having winglike expansions.
  4. of Wing
  5. Represented with wings, or having wings, of a different tincture from the body.
  6. Soaring with wings, or as if with wings; hence, elevated; lofty; sublime.
  7. Swift; rapid.
  8. Wounded or hurt in the wing.


pteroid, short-winged, alated, volant, winglike, feathered, alar, fast, pinioned, wing-shaped, brachypterous, aliform, flying, alary, alate, batwing.

Usage examples: