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Definition of wintry:

  1. Suitable to winter; resembling winter, or what belongs to winter; brumal; hyemal; cold; stormy; wintery.


snappy, stony, brittle, frore, fixed, Midsummer Day, clammy, stock-still, unfriendly, British Summer Time, phosphorescent, frozen, boreal, quick-frozen, soft, rimy, numbing, halogen, distant, freezing, equinox, flash-frozen, backlit, polar, nipping, glacial, autumnal, brumal, raw, rimed, antiseptic, antagonistic, gelid, cold, brumal, bone-chilling, daylight saving time, cold-eyed, unsympathetic, cool, snowy, hibernal, infrared, hot, coldish, direct, rooted, ice-cold, autumn, aloof, cold-blooded, wintery, crisp, coolish, shivery, fall, algid, midsummer, candlelit, the midnight sun, hostile, chill, hiemal, cutting, arctic, midwinter, churlish, moonlit, winter, unpleasant, hard-eyed, icy, fluorescent, frigid, frosty, bleak, floodlit.

Usage examples: