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Definition of wipe out:

Synonyms for wipe out:

excrete, rub out, bear away, exterminate, vandalize, liquidate, do in, kill, root, immerse, take away, cross-country skiing, squander, slaughter, rule out, chairlift, wear out, snuff out, go through, clean, tire, uproot, ingest, carry away, finish, pull off, winnow out, sweep off, sap, beat, pour down, bump off, bring off, wash up, hide, sweep, inner-tubing, belt down, drink down, downhill, run down, buff, swallow up, take someone's life, ruin, dab, wipe, tucker out, eradicate, take in, play out, heliskiing, shine, walk someone's feet off, take it out of you, polish off, rid of, expel, waste, assassinate, devour, shatter, feed, shoot down, decimate, have, slay, eat up, mutilate, pass, overthrow, reject, vote down, banish, Aspen, expunge, binding, cancel, press out, annihilate, stamp, obscure, eat away, black out, pop, bear off, bolt down, erase, devastate, extinguish, eject, eat on, deplete, exhaust, do away with, finish off, cancel out, blot out, negociate, score out, crush out, abolish, stub out, obviate, swallow, manage, luge, rub, ravage, veil, murder, tucker, scour, vote out, drain, bury, polish, eat, corrode, root out, occupy, destroy, run through, snuff, dispatch, trash, massacre, take, discharge, blow out, overtax, consume, rust, mogul, stamp out, delete, obliterate, get rid of, sweep away, quench, ware, remove, scrub, work through, toss off, down, release, wipe off, extirpate, egest, strangle, use up, eliminate, carry off, defeat, efface.