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Definition of withdrawn:

  1. of Withdraw


insular, self-effacing, distant, secluded, cool, remote, sequestered, isolated, absent, indrawn, been, unapproachable, self-contained, two's company, three's a crowd, recluse, reticent, bestridden, chilly, keep to yourself, diffident, hot, chill, cloistered, active, shy, bitten, befallen, modest, offish, recessive, borne, solitary, backward, blown, undemonstrative, begotten, stay-at-home, uncommunicative, aloof, unsocial, arisen, attitude, bidden, bashful, antisocial, aloof, sheepish, reclusive, retiring, reserved, introverted, demure, involved, standoffish, coy, begun.

Usage examples: